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About this site

This site provides tools to aid people in the creation of mods for Hearts of Iron IV. The list of tools and features is ever-expanding, from a forum to ask questions to online tools which allow the creation of entire mods.

From creating your own focus tree to bringing a new country into the game. HOI4 Modding allows you to create the alternative history you want to the game.

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[31/08/2021] An update on updates

It's been a while since the last update, and there has been some delays due to health issues and studies, ...

[30/07/2021] Country creator mini-update

Just some small updates, mostly to do with the country creator this week; National Spirits, Autonomy/Subjects, and Start Date & ...

[10/07/2021] Start Dates, Ideologies, and more!

Almost a year since the ideas tool was released for the old site it's finally time for some new tools ...

How does it work?

After creating an account you can create a new mod on this site, and invite other people to the mod if you want. Once you have created the mod, you can access any of the tools on the site to create focus trees, countries, national spirits, and more. When everything is complete, you can export the mod, extract the zip file to the mod folder created by the Hearts of Iron IV launcher, and enjoy your mod.

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