[26/August/2022] By Blood Alone Information & Giveaway

I must start off by apologising for the lack of updates over the past few months. Life has been hectic with no sign of slowing down, but I will still try and keep on top of any issues that come through whilst working on new features.

By Blood Alone's release date has finally been announced, and I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on it, as I am sure many of you feel the same. As such, I've decided to do a giveaway for 3 copies of By Blood Alone (or a different DLC/a copy of HOI4 should you wish). Details on how to enter will be at the end of this post.

Site updates

Unfortunately, BBA releases a few days after I leave the country for a few weeks. So any new features, rewards, focus icons, etc. will be delayed in being added to the site until I return on the 15th of October.


This is something new I am trying (yes, there may be more in future), and as such I thought a single copy wouldn't be enough, especially as it will hopefully end the ire of peace conferences producing cursed borders.

How to enter

Simply reply to this thread with your best HOI4 moment, or what you are looking forward to in By Blood Alone. For example, this could be, but is not limited to:

  • A screenshot of your best encirclement in HOI4 (potentially with context on why it was so good)
  • A screenshot of the most cursed borders you've seen the AI in HOI4 produce
  • What you are most looking forward to that's being added in By Blood Alone
  • What nation/goal will be the first thing you play/try to achieve in By Blood Alone
  • The story of your first world conquest

If you would like to receive something other than By Blood Alone, please also state that in your reply.

Who will win

Two of the winners will be chosen based on which replies which I think are the most impressive*, and the final one will be chosen at random.

*Impressive is a subjective term, but for this I will be taking in to account: 

  1. Effort - This could be tedium, luck of RNG, effort put into the entry or something else. For example, showing a big Tannu Tuva and the screenshot of you getting the Siberian Tiger achievement, or writing an essay on how you took over the world as Latvia.
  2. How hard it would be to do again - Self explanatory; is this was something that wouldn't be an easy task to do again due to the luck involved/the skill required.
  3. How unique it is - Are you the only one posting something like this/have any big HOI4 YouTubers done this before.

The random winner will be chosen by all entries, excluding the two selected for being impressive, will be put into a wheel of names.

Winner notification

The winner will be notified in this order, depending on what information is shown on their profile page:

Steam - I will add you as a friend on Steam and, once accepted, you will be gifted the DLC/game specified in your reply, or By Blood Alone if nothing specified.

Discord - I will add you as a friend on Discord, then ask how you want to receive your prize (Steam/Windows Store, and to which account)

Email - If neither of the above, you will be contact via the email address for your account on this website, you will need to respond with either your Steam account or Windows Store email address to receive your prize.

If no response to Friend Request/Email is given after 2 weeks, a new winner will be randomly selected. So make sure at least one of the above methods will work for you. If you want to add your Steam/Discord username to your account, head to "Account -> Your account" in the menu, and press "Edit details" in the sidebar.

When will the giveaway end?

The winners will be drawn on, and notified, on the 26th of September. By Blood Alone winners will receive the DLC on the 27th after it's release, anyone who asked for another prize will receive it as soon as possible.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced as soon as everyone has received their prize. This could be as soon as the 26th of September, or it could be a little longer.

Good luck!

I am most looking forward to the headache of trying to balance my hoi4 overhaul mod for the new plane designer. But, for real, I am really looking forward to the new plane designer. 

i don't suppose you have the money to giveaway a new gaming PC so i can finally run hoi4 again hahahahah

i don't suppose you have the money to giveaway a new gaming PC so i can finally run hoi4 again hahahahah

-official tombricks

 I wish! That way I would have enough to get myself one that can run Millennium Dawn at 5x speed 

Alright so could you make a tutorial please, of this website because i just saw your video about the old hoi4modding and i feel like people will need a slight bit of a tutorial if its their first time modding hoi4 and they found this website. And im kinda excited for the new update of this website and bba so i can mod more stuff

that would be lovely

and thanks for letting us know the next update

I played as britain and went fascist. The German empire was back just like the austria-hungarian and they made a faction with italy, the soviets had a civil war and bulgaria, greece and Turkey were in a faction. First i killed France, because they had no friends, then i invited spain to my faction. After that i declared war on the bulgarian Faction and puppeted them all. My plan was to invade the soviets after that, but germany declared war on me and i rushed my troops to the border, i called everyone into the war except my french puppet so I would'nt have to defend their land. so I prepared my motorized divisions to make an encirclement, i took my motorized and pushed right through them. I managed to pull the encirclement of and i was really happy because i think it was 50 divisionsi encircled.

The thing Im most looking forward to in by blood alone is that italy finally after 6 years gets a focus tree and whats even better is that they rework the peace conference because the old system is just bad.

alright stay safe out there


I'm really looking forward to play Switzerland historically accurate. BBA will definitely make that even more exciting. 

With By Blood Alone i'm really looking forward to the addition of the division level commanders, as it will add a nice amount of granular content to the game to RP around. Plus I really enjoy building leaders from the ground up, and the new divisional commanders seems like it will make that more fun.

I'm also really looking forward to playing the Ethiopia focus tree. It seems like a lot of people aren't that excited about it since Ethiopia usually dies within the first few months of the game as of right now. However, I think it will be a lot of fun to try and resist the Italians or go with them under the support of the new focus tree. It seems interesting.

I gotta say, the things that I'm most looking forward to when it comes to By Blood Alone, is the Italian focus tree and the division commander system. The air plane customization feature really just seems like more game mechanics to tape onto the back of a box. The Ethiopian tree, despite seeming fun, will mean I will have to fight in Africa, which is actual hell, and the fact that they might not add anymore African states aside from the ones in Ethiopia means we won't be able to create good looking colonial borders (plus that whole Democratic nations releasing dumb countries seems to not have been fixed). The Swiss tree sorta seems like the Turkish tree, it's pretty much there for the nice three despite them having nearly nothing to do with the war.  The Italian Tree has desperately needing the attention, the fact that it's impossible to get anything without being fascist has been a big downside, Italy definitely seemed shoehorned in at the last moment of the game's release. The Division command system is probably the best thing that will come from this, it seems to be a more realistic depiction of what would happen, realistically, one commander wouldn't be able to command 24000 men, as those men would be spread out everywhere.